Cosmetic Injury Solicitors & Compensation Claims

Cosmetic surgery is rising in popularity and more readily available than ever. In 2016 over 59,000 cosmetic surgery procedures took place.

Deciding to have a cosmetic surgery procedure can be stressful and expensive, often costing thousands of pounds. Understandably, your expectations of the procedure and the final outcome will be high.

Cosmetic Surgery Compensation Claims

Any surgery should be completed by a qualified medical professional. Your Doctor or Surgeon should advise you on the procedure, recovery and any risks, before allowing you to make a decision.

If you have had cosmetic surgery and think that something went wrong, the impact upon you can be both physical and emotional.

You may have a claim for cosmetic compensation if:

  • You weren’t given the correct information about the risks associated with your procedure.
  • You were not given any aftercare or follow-up advice which impacted upon your recovery.
  • A faulty product was used (i.e. breast implant).
  • The procedure was not completed to an acceptable standard.

Our experienced team will be able to advise you on whether you would be entitled to compensation to pay for treatment to rectify the problem and support your recovery.

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