Pilkington Shaw Solicitors | Work In Progress File Acquisition
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Since the LAPSO came into effect in 2014 the personal injury industry has suffered significant financial hardship and many law firms have since been looking for ways to move out of this market, unfortunately, many have even had no option but to close their doors.


At Pilkington Shaw that is not the case and we have been able to maintain our position within the personal injury market. With a rapidly expanding team we have identified opportunities to expand our existing personal injury caseload and maintain a long-term position within personal injury.


We have invested in the latest technology and now have the internal infrastructure to deal with large numbers of cases, from initial instruction through to case management.

To enhance our growth, we are looking to purchase personal injury WIP files.


How we can help you:

  • Are you looking to exit the personal injury market?
  • Are you evaluating the closure of your business?
  • Are you in financial difficulty due to legislation changes and struggling to manage cases?
Speak to us for a no obligation and confidential discussion about your WIP personal injury files.